He was the sun,

Too adept with this world he called his own.


Unknowing, oblivious to all that he was,

Blinded by his afterglow.

He basked in the light,

Only ever fading in his own shadow.


The moonlight came as respite,

Night after night,

With no atmosphere surrounding her,

She was free.


A dream, never to be caught;

A face he couldn’t draw,

A name she couldn’t say.

So close, yet far enough to stay just out of reach.

She longed for him to find a way


They played hide and seek, day and night,

Revolving and rotating around a world they barely knew,

Giving everything to it,

Taking nothing in return.


He owned the morning,

She belonged to the night.


Maybe dawn could be their time.




Your eyes were like stars in the sky
Blackened by the demons of the moon
Hidden behind the clouds,
Holding stories of the universe whole.
Yet closed to the world, so out of reach

Opening ever so slightly,
Only to let in a bit of the sun
That I held in my own.

The world and you.

I wanted to write something that meant something

Not just to me

Something meaningful

A feeling we have all felt

One that no one had found words for yet

I wanted to write poetry in motion

About ungodly devotion

A lyrical dance

A one last chance

The smile of a baby

A completely sure “maybe”

Watching the race of the raindrops

Timeless moments in which time stops

The integrity of a soldier

The fear of getting older

An “I’m fine” that means I’m not

A ‘no’ that means ‘yes’

The secret you spilled

And the one you’ll never confess

Solace in a stranger

Relationships that screamed danger

The one that got away

The one that never will

The luxury you could finally afford

The ever-pending bill

Childlike curiosity

Adult practicality

The love of a mother

Protection of a brother

Smoldering eyes that pierce, but don’t shine

The fading boundaries of “yours” and “mine”

The glow of the flame

Of a fire inside

The unsettling calm

Of a rising tide

Words that cut through the surface of skin

I wanted to write them all,

I wanted to write everything.

But in the end,

I wasn’t writing about the world

The wind, the stars or the seas

I wasn’t writing about a feeling they all knew

I was writing about the only one I know,

I was writing about you.

Global concepts? We’ll get there someday. Today, this will do.

A few weeks ago I was asked to write on something I feel strongly about, back then I tried analysing social issues and worldly problems, assuming that’s what needed to be written about, but somehow I couldn’t. I know now this is because what I feel most strongly about are the smaller things in life, the things that lead up to the rest, the things that add up and make you bigger than their sum.

I’m not one for rhetorical questions, but do me a favour and ask yourself this..

What is the worst kind of company you could have?
What is the source of selfishness?
What compels you to try harder when you’ve decided to give up?

Seem kind of unrelated, don’t they? But here’s my theory.
The worst kind of company.. The smokers? The drinkers? The stoners? The women with the short dresses or the men with leather jackets? The liberal minded who compel you to accept before you judge or the moralistic that force you think before you act? No.
The worst kind are the ones that tell you you’re not good enough. The kind that belittle you. The kind that are never satisfied no matter how much you give. The kind that forget to say thank you. You can always cut off from peer pressure when you choose to, but the negative thinkers instil negativity in you. They make you believe, even when you fight it, they’re right there telling you you can’t win. They plant the seed of doubt in your mind that comes back to haunt you every chance it gets..  Blossoming and withering you, every time you let it return.

Selfishness I believe is not something we’re born with, its something we learn. Something that’s reinforced in us every time we’re taken for granted, every time the big bad world pushes us down and we have to stand right back up, we grow more resilient, we grow more selfish. Learning to look out for ourselves, learning to be self sufficient, learning to fight back, and sometimes to never look back at our trail of “collateral damage”. Each man for himself, right? Wrong. None of us want to be selfish, its what the world teaches us. Its what we teach ourselves.

We try and try and kill ourselves trying, to be smarter, to be prettier, more desirable, richer, to just be better. We are relentless in certain pursuits, for we know we will succeed someday, or at least never fail, knowing we’ve tried our best. All it takes is an occasional word of encouragement from someone, or a drive from within, telling yourself its only a little more before things get better.

In case you haven’t quite gathered it already, the thing I feel most strongly about is appreciation. The indomitable power of it, that overrides everything else.
Don’t feel gratitude, appreciate. Don’t thank meaninglessly, appreciate. Don’t just love, appreciate.

Appreciate everything and everyone, you’ll feel yourself expand with every allowance of this feeling you give yourself.

Appreciate the mother that sits down to keenly hear all about your day despite having an exhausting one herself.
Appreciate the effort made by the student a little behind in class. Don’t tell him he got it all wrong even if he did. Tell him it was a great effort and you believe he can do better. Teach him how to and he will get it right.
Appreciate the friend that prioritizes your problems over their own. It’s not easy, and it is NOT their job, but they do it for you.
Appreciate the driver who stopped so you could cross the road, he didn’t have to, but he did. And next time, stop so someone else can cross the road. Not because you should, but because you can.

When you see someone doing good, tell them. Say it. Show it. Do not trust that they will “know” somehow. Do not take what they’re doing for granted. Remember to appreciate the bigger things as well. Yes, seems too obvious but those are the ones we forget to acknowledge, for they are the ones we expect, the ones we get complacent with.

Before you do any of these, appreciate yourself. Know you have done your best when you have, know you can do better when you haven’t. The world cannot and will not value you unless you take pride in your achievements, and most of all, in yourself.

You may not be able to make the world a better place just yet. But you can do this, make yourself and the world a tiny bit warmer.

Men and Monsters.

No. They’re not synonymous.

Somewhere in the midst of the statistics on rape, murder, assault and abuse we have gained perspective on what men are capable of, but we sure have lost it in equal measure.

We keep in mind the tormentors, the torturers with trepidation but we forget to remember our heroes. No doubt the monsters exist, no doubt we should be careful, no doubt we should be thankful too; Thankful for the little boy who clings to his mother’s Saree pallu a few years too many, for he too is afraid of the big bad world, thankful for the best friend that got his heart broken, yet will open it to you, thankful for the father that always showed up, no matter how busy his schedule, thankful for all the men that never let you down, despite you doing it with words against “men”.

You wonder how you’ll know which ones to trust? Well, the good ones will be there to protect you. The great ones will let you protect yourself. These are not the minority, they are in abundance. Treat them all like they’re monsters, someday they might unwillingly, unknowingly start to impersonate them. Self-fulfilling prophecies, I warn you. Judge a person by their crime, not their gender.

Love them. Cherish them. Not only because they deserve it, but because they need it. Sound too weak? The strongest of men will be the first to admit it.