For days you wonder.

If you knew how every silent night

And every storm outside

Echoed nothing but your name,


You wouldn’t have to ask me again.


If you heard the whistle of the wind

Change its tune

Every time you’re in my atmosphere,


You wouldn’t ever have to wonder why.


When you hold me close,

Do you feel the pulse of my heart

Race and stop

Do you feel you – the calm alarm to my every axon?

My faculties wearing thin

Every time it starts to sink in

That I’m falling for you, every day, ever more.

Walking on my Everest,

You’re the beginning

The peak

And everything in between.


Do you even realise,

How my eyes look for you in rooms you’re not even in?


I love you,

Because I do.


And I could never know how not to.



You come down so hard and strong
Sometimes it gets hard to see
You are almost unrecognizable,
The ever-changing unknown

Sometimes you feel every bit a reflection of me.

When I say this, you say that
I pick one, you the other
One second making me warm
The next giving me sweater weather.

Am I to understand this
Or is it okay to let it go?
To want to hear, say and feel it all
Or just believe we were never really meant to know?

You make nights feel like days I haven’t yet seen
And mornings the right kind of dark

In this shrinking atmosphere of you and I,
How can you be the vapour and the spark?

Drenched in you,
Just about slipping away

I sit here, wondering, waiting, hiding

Tell me, will you come for me today?