You come down so hard and strong
Sometimes it gets hard to see
You are almost unrecognizable,
The ever-changing unknown

Sometimes you feel every bit a reflection of me.

When I say this, you say that
I pick one, you the other
One second making me warm
The next giving me sweater weather.

Am I to understand this
Or is it okay to let it go?
To want to hear, say and feel it all
Or just believe we were never really meant to know?

You make nights feel like days I haven’t yet seen
And mornings the right kind of dark

In this shrinking atmosphere of you and I,
How can you be the vapour and the spark?

Drenched in you,
Just about slipping away

I sit here, wondering, waiting, hiding

Tell me, will you come for me today?

Deeper than skin.

For better and for worse
Isn’t that what we said?
Press pause on those worries,
And just come back to bed.

It’s too cold by myself
It’s too cold by yours
Love isn’t meant for perfection
But for the creases of your flaws
So let me love you
Just as you are
Carving and healing,
Every scar

Let it go
And Let me in
Deeper still
Beneath your skin

Not just for the night
Not just for today
Gaze so deep
That I hear you say
The words in your mind
The thoughts on your lips
The feel of your heart
The pulse of your hips

Take me in
And I’ll take you
Further still
Deeper through

With all your demons
And your dove
Ravage me
Save me
In your love.