He was the sun,

Too adept with this world he called his own.


Unknowing, oblivious to all that he was,

Blinded by his afterglow.

He basked in the light,

Only ever fading in his own shadow.


The moonlight came as respite,

Night after night,

With no atmosphere surrounding her,

She was free.


A dream, never to be caught;

A face he couldn’t draw,

A name she couldn’t say.

So close, yet far enough to stay just out of reach.

She longed for him to find a way


They played hide and seek, day and night,

Revolving and rotating around a world they barely knew,

Giving everything to it,

Taking nothing in return.


He owned the morning,

She belonged to the night.


Maybe dawn could be their time.




I don’t know who or why or where we are

I don’t know how we got here,

To this place, of secret solace

Of arms that seek, but do not ask,

Words that do, hands that speak,

Eyes that give away more than they should

With lips finding more answers than we ever could.


This place of us,

Of you and I, in equal measure.

Feet that take me far from this ground,

Down to this sky whole,

Then right back, to our sea full of treasures.


One step back, taking two steps forward,

We have this all turned around, upside-down,

Don’t we?


For nights and days now feel like one,

As do the unmeeting moon and sun.


This time, take me.

Take me with you, for I am ready to follow.