I don’t know who or why or where we are

I don’t know how we got here,

To this place, of secret solace

Of arms that seek, but do not ask,

Words that do, hands that speak,

Eyes that give away more than they should

With lips finding more answers than we ever could.


This place of us,

Of you and I, in equal measure.

Feet that take me far from this ground,

Down to this sky whole,

Then right back, to our sea full of treasures.


One step back, taking two steps forward,

We have this all turned around, upside-down,

Don’t we?


For nights and days now feel like one,

As do the unmeeting moon and sun.


This time, take me.

Take me with you, for I am ready to follow.




I walk with you,
Through the darkest forest and the deepest sea
You walk along,
Even when I don’t know,
You’re here with me.

You stand by, strong
You don’t question this
I don’t know what I want to know
I don’t know what to look for..

I look for you
In spaces and rooms and unknown places
I look for you
In crowded rooms and empty spaces

Don’t leave just yet,
Stay with me now
A minute more,
A second left

Words running out
Time is too

Here’s to a fading old
And our familiar new.

The world and you.

I wanted to write something that meant something

Not just to me

Something meaningful

A feeling we have all felt

One that no one had found words for yet

I wanted to write poetry in motion

About ungodly devotion

A lyrical dance

A one last chance

The smile of a baby

A completely sure “maybe”

Watching the race of the raindrops

Timeless moments in which time stops

The integrity of a soldier

The fear of getting older

An “I’m fine” that means I’m not

A ‘no’ that means ‘yes’

The secret you spilled

And the one you’ll never confess

Solace in a stranger

Relationships that screamed danger

The one that got away

The one that never will

The luxury you could finally afford

The ever-pending bill

Childlike curiosity

Adult practicality

The love of a mother

Protection of a brother

Smoldering eyes that pierce, but don’t shine

The fading boundaries of “yours” and “mine”

The glow of the flame

Of a fire inside

The unsettling calm

Of a rising tide

Words that cut through the surface of skin

I wanted to write them all,

I wanted to write everything.

But in the end,

I wasn’t writing about the world

The wind, the stars or the seas

I wasn’t writing about a feeling they all knew

I was writing about the only one I know,

I was writing about you.

The Tempest.

Beyond this storm
A calm awaits
Of breaking waves
Of meeting fates
And in this sea
So far so blue
A promise made
From me to you.

Beyond this calm
A storm awaits
Of crashing waves
Of melding fates
And in this sea
So deep so vast
A secret promise
Yet one to last.

I feel you here
Right by my side,
My steady shore,
My rising tide.

You are the calm,
You are the storm,
You are my sea,
In every form.