You come down so hard and strong
Sometimes it gets hard to see
You are almost unrecognizable,
The ever-changing unknown

Sometimes you feel every bit a reflection of me.

When I say this, you say that
I pick one, you the other
One second making me warm
The next giving me sweater weather.

Am I to understand this
Or is it okay to let it go?
To want to hear, say and feel it all
Or just believe we were never really meant to know?

You make nights feel like days I haven’t yet seen
And mornings the right kind of dark

In this shrinking atmosphere of you and I,
How can you be the vapour and the spark?

Drenched in you,
Just about slipping away

I sit here, wondering, waiting, hiding

Tell me, will you come for me today?


The world and you.

I wanted to write something that meant something

Not just to me

Something meaningful

A feeling we have all felt

One that no one had found words for yet

I wanted to write poetry in motion

About ungodly devotion

A lyrical dance

A one last chance

The smile of a baby

A completely sure “maybe”

Watching the race of the raindrops

Timeless moments in which time stops

The integrity of a soldier

The fear of getting older

An “I’m fine” that means I’m not

A ‘no’ that means ‘yes’

The secret you spilled

And the one you’ll never confess

Solace in a stranger

Relationships that screamed danger

The one that got away

The one that never will

The luxury you could finally afford

The ever-pending bill

Childlike curiosity

Adult practicality

The love of a mother

Protection of a brother

Smoldering eyes that pierce, but don’t shine

The fading boundaries of “yours” and “mine”

The glow of the flame

Of a fire inside

The unsettling calm

Of a rising tide

Words that cut through the surface of skin

I wanted to write them all,

I wanted to write everything.

But in the end,

I wasn’t writing about the world

The wind, the stars or the seas

I wasn’t writing about a feeling they all knew

I was writing about the only one I know,

I was writing about you.

Favour to self.

This year, do yourself a favour, fall in love. Not the kind of love you want, the kind you need.

Love the man that kisses you in the rain, just because. He may not be the kind to get you flowers and chocolates in a heart-shaped box, but will be the one to spend hours listening to the most insignificant details of your day and massage your feet while he’s at it.

Find the kind of man you believe is too amazing to truly exist, and love the hell out of him. Maybe forever, maybe for now. But love him. Let him make you believe in better, if only for a day. And then do it again the next day.

Love the man you want to look stunning for every day, but the one who calls you beautiful even when you’re sick and red-nosed and raggedy-ann like (and means it. His eyes will let you know he means it)

Love the man that consistently surprises you, with the way he loves you, with the way you love him. Like you never imagined possible (especially for yourself)

The man that makes you appreciate more than yourself; music and art and poetry and unexpected rain and speed-breakers!

Love the man that makes movie romance seem plausible and the words of songs tangible, achievable. A romance defined, not by the grand big moments that everyone would notice, but in the fleeting ones that seldom are, that surround us every day. With whom, the small spaces that make sense only to you start to feel like home. He may not be the one to create ‘the moment’, but he’ll be the one to stop time and truly experience it with you, as its happening, as the world lines it up, because he’ll be the kind to notice.

This year, fall hopelessly, ridiculously, painfully in love. This year, fall in love, not by choice, but by compulsion.