He was the sun,

Too adept with this world he called his own.


Unknowing, oblivious to all that he was,

Blinded by his afterglow.

He basked in the light,

Only ever fading in his own shadow.


The moonlight came as respite,

Night after night,

With no atmosphere surrounding her,

She was free.


A dream, never to be caught;

A face he couldn’t draw,

A name she couldn’t say.

So close, yet far enough to stay just out of reach.

She longed for him to find a way


They played hide and seek, day and night,

Revolving and rotating around a world they barely knew,

Giving everything to it,

Taking nothing in return.


He owned the morning,

She belonged to the night.


Maybe dawn could be their time.




I don’t know who or why or where we are

I don’t know how we got here,

To this place, of secret solace

Of arms that seek, but do not ask,

Words that do, hands that speak,

Eyes that give away more than they should

With lips finding more answers than we ever could.


This place of us,

Of you and I, in equal measure.

Feet that take me far from this ground,

Down to this sky whole,

Then right back, to our sea full of treasures.


One step back, taking two steps forward,

We have this all turned around, upside-down,

Don’t we?


For nights and days now feel like one,

As do the unmeeting moon and sun.


This time, take me.

Take me with you, for I am ready to follow.


For days you wonder.

If you knew how every silent night

And every storm outside

Echoed nothing but your name,


You wouldn’t have to ask me again.


If you heard the whistle of the wind

Change its tune

Every time you’re in my atmosphere,


You wouldn’t ever have to wonder why.


When you hold me close,

Do you feel the pulse of my heart

Race and stop

Do you feel you – the calm alarm to my every axon?

My faculties wearing thin

Every time it starts to sink in

That I’m falling for you, every day, ever more.

Walking on my Everest,

You’re the beginning

The peak

And everything in between.


Do you even realise,

How my eyes look for you in rooms you’re not even in?


I love you,

Because I do.


And I could never know how not to.

Canyons and seas.

Dear Brown-eyed boy,

When I look into those eyes,

I see seas, and oceans wide.


There are tides in your affairs,

Calm, and crashing

That come to fix these broken rhymes,

Your words, my most reverent psalm.


My walls crushing in those very same hands,

Those hands you used to build and craft –

Castles from my muddy sands.


Dear brown-eyed boy,

I wish you knew,

In the wading pools of shallow you believe to tread through,

I see infinity,

I see you.







My mother always told me,

“Be good, be kind”

Before anything else, be good.

In a world so fierce and harsh

I don’t believe I ever understood


Was there a place for her words?


A woman so tender, so mild I thought

Never realising that when tears shed from her eyes

It was hurricanes she was taming.


Beating, surging in her veins

These were never words she would need to say


She was strength, she was patience;

She was balance.



I grew up with more opinions than thoughts

More thoughts than words

And more words than most


Somehow still believing I wasn’t doing enough.


Trying forever to find a place,

My place.

One that belonged to me,

That I belonged to

Safe, strong..mine.


In the ocean of questions

For every sea of confusions

There was a shore.

The sure shore that stood

Unmoving, unwavering, unchanging.

Unnamed, unthanked.


A calm glow at the end of every tunnel

A guiding light that never called itself out,

But just stood there, waiting for me to come home.


I watch my mother today,

Her grace and poise in every interaction

Of her with the world

With the old, the young, the living and the gone

A quiet song she shares, within, without

Her manifesto she bears

More a whisper than a shout

“Be good. Be kind”

I listen.

I’m home.



We were like dancing flames,
Burning bright-fading slow

I stood in the aftermath-afterglow of your ruin

I watched you, revel in the arson that consumed you

You could see no way out but further in.

I held out my hand
It was desolation you feared.

One step forward, taking two steps back
What did I have to lack for you to think I was enough
What must I do, to be vile enough to play with your fire tonight?

Your mighty flames wash to ashes in my small hands

The waves, the fleece, the sands of time,
I bring to you

Rejected, they retreat.
I stand my ground.

With no where to go but here
I promise to wait,
To stay.

To fight, to dance, to burn with you tonight.


In your atmosphere.

Locution in the air
Tonight, I tread carelessly in your den
One room to the next
We walk without purpose
With here and everywhere to go
You know,
We don’t show our hesitation
We, we speak with conceit
In the undercurrent of these exchanges
There lies a comfort in questions we answer not quite yet
Hold on, now
Come closer, you tell me.
Taking more steps forward than back
Then retracting, just in time
In time for what, you ask
You ask often
Too often we say too much,
This time we don’t choose words.

They try to keep up
Wearing out, spreading thin
Over – stated and under understood
We circle this maze of our own making
I ask,
What are we forsaking this time?