He was the sun,

Too adept with this world he called his own.


Unknowing, oblivious to all that he was,

Blinded by his afterglow.

He basked in the light,

Only ever fading in his own shadow.


The moonlight came as respite,

Night after night,

With no atmosphere surrounding her,

She was free.


A dream, never to be caught;

A face he couldn’t draw,

A name she couldn’t say.

So close, yet far enough to stay just out of reach.

She longed for him to find a way


They played hide and seek, day and night,

Revolving and rotating around a world they barely knew,

Giving everything to it,

Taking nothing in return.


He owned the morning,

She belonged to the night.


Maybe dawn could be their time.



You come down so hard and strong
Sometimes it gets hard to see
You are almost unrecognizable,
The ever-changing unknown

Sometimes you feel every bit a reflection of me.

When I say this, you say that
I pick one, you the other
One second making me warm
The next giving me sweater weather.

Am I to understand this
Or is it okay to let it go?
To want to hear, say and feel it all
Or just believe we were never really meant to know?

You make nights feel like days I haven’t yet seen
And mornings the right kind of dark

In this shrinking atmosphere of you and I,
How can you be the vapour and the spark?

Drenched in you,
Just about slipping away

I sit here, wondering, waiting, hiding

Tell me, will you come for me today?